Hey there.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m guessing you have some concept of who I am if you’re here but if not, especially thanks for checking out the site!  That’s me on the left of the picture.  I’m currently the Pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Grover (or Shelby, or Patterson Springs depending on what you’re looking at), NC and have been since August of 2016.  (This is probably a good place to say that anything found here does not necessarily reflect the wide range of views of the people at PHBC)  My wife Meghan (a 3rd grade teacher in Gaffney, SC) and I have been married since July of 2013. She’s right in the middle of the picture (so its gonna be hard to edit that if things go south…).  The other folks are my parents and my sister.  I’m a graduate of Presbyterain College (go Hose) in Clinton, SC and Gardner-Webb School of Divinity (go Bulldogs to a lesser extent) in Boiling Springs, NC.

Prior to coming to PHBC I served for 3 1/2 years as Youth Minister at Zion Baptist Church in Shelby, NC, and those wonderful people ordained me to ministry in July of 2016.  In college I was Youth Intern at my home church, First Baptist of Laurens, SC.

I love being a minister.  I love preaching and teaching, planning worship, and getting to connect with people from all walks of life.  I’m a bit of a church nerd, I love the way churches work and the different quirks of by-laws and polity.

Outside of church I enjoy reading and watching tv, particularly pro-wrestling and 30 minute sitcoms.  I’ve been a fan of the Atlanta Braves my whole life and have embraced the Charlotte Hornets since I moved to North Carolina.

I’d say that’s it for now, if I’ve left you desperate for more or full of questions feel free to contact me.